Youtube TV is a new division of the video-sharing giant. The year of 2020 has seen many significant corporations make digital investments. Google is also increasing its grip on the on-demand video industry.

The TV website is full of services and new offers. It is a recent investment by the tech giants. You can expect quality service because Youtube and Google have a reputation to maintain. It is going to give your cable service provider a tough competition. The aggressive pricing model ensures you get a great deal. It is a platform that you can explore almost everywhere.

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Steps for Getting YouTube TV Free Trial:

Youtube TV is still a relatively new platform for you to explore. We recommend that you try it out to get the best content online. Currently, the tech giants are running a promotional free trial for all consumers. Anyone from the USA can sign up and check out the platform. Let’s take a look at how you can enjoy their services. 

  • Users have to visit the Youtube TV platform on their browsers. You can click on the following link. It will take you to the website welcome page. Here all the details about the new service are available.
  • You can click on the “try it free” button at the top right corner. It will give you the chance to start the trial and get your hands on live TV. The free trial is available for two weeks for all new users.
  • Youtube will prompt you to sign in on the site using your Gmail account. Enter your email ID and password or choose from the existing list of email accounts.
  • Users need to enter their details like Zip Code. It is necessary to help out Youtube. They will find the networks which are closest to your region. It will help you to enjoy fast and stable TV connectivity throughout the month.
  • The site allows you to look at the list of shows, movies, and channels available. You can check out the library before starting the trial. Users can start viewing content once they begin the preparation.
  • You can start the free trial after selecting a plan available on the site. Currently, Youtube is offering over 90 channels in their base plan. Click on the next button to add some extra tracks to your list. These addons are also available in a limited period free trial on the site.
  • After selecting your addons for the Youtube TV subscription, you can start the checkout. Click on the button, and it will take you to the final page.
  • To complete the free trial, subscription users need to add their payment information. Google will not charge you until your plan is exhausted. They need the information to start the subscription.

They accept different payment methods like credit, debit cards, and Paypal. Voila! Now you can enjoy free live TV for 14 days on their site.

Features of Youtube TV:

Youtube TV is a new platform that has a lot to offer. They are trying to ensure the best live TV streaming experience. It is not easy to break into an already expansive industry. The lucky part is that Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world. They are bringing the best features to the table at an affordable price. Here are the best parts of Youtube TV.

1. Live TV Guide

Every TV console needs a guide for shows. The Youtube TV experience is unique with its streaming options. You can check out the daily schedule with one click. In this section, the performances are on display. The sorting feature makes it easy for users. It is now effortless to find your favorite content. Everything from sports to children’s cartoons is available. They have 91 live TV channels available currently.  

2. Library

The on-demand library on this platform is enormous. Netflix has some serious competition now with this premium subscription. Youtube TV is expensive, but it covers all bases. You have an utterly feasible alternative to DTH subscription. The search feature makes it easy to find any show, movie, Live channel, News, or family content.  

3. DVR

Youtube TV allows users to record their favorite content. All of the Live TV content can be available for future streams. We love this feature because it is quite rare. You get fast cloud storage on the internet. The subscription is all-inclusive without any limitations. The process to record shows is quite simple. Click on the plus button and add them to your library. 

4. Multiple accounts

Users get access to over six accounts on their subscriptions. Every household can have multiple TV shows running at the same time. It is a sensible purchase for users who want to share it with the entire family. These days a lot of users have tons of TV users in the same house. You can save up on some money by sharing an account. 

5. Compatible devices

The Youtube TV platform enables you to stream anywhere and everywhere. The site is available as apps on different devices. It supports streaming consoles like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, and much more. You can also run it on the Amazon Fire TV and consoles like Xbox One and PS4. It works with portable smartphone devices, as well. 

Youtube: Pricing

The Youtube TV platform is starting in the streaming industry. Their video sharing platform lends them immense credibility.

Users can enjoy the free trial and explore their options. The pricing is a little on the higher end of the spectrum. You will have to shell out around $65 per month for their services. There are no other plans available. Users can add extra channels to their plans for a different price. 

You get unlimited DVR space for recording. It is currently only available in the United States for the initial period. 


The Youtube TV platform is very new to the market. Many people are unaware of its existence. If you want to change the way you stream entirely, then this is the right place. We hope this guide covers all your questions regarding the service. Enjoy their free trial and test out all the functionality. It is the best overall TV streaming service for 2020. We highly recommend it to our readers.