The pro-wrestling organization World Wrestling Entertainment has its very own streaming service which is called WWE Network which gives its fans full access to its content. You can watch all the past as well as present events here. This streaming service was launched around 2014. The service has about 1.5 million subscribers from all over the world.

WWE Network free trial

It is an online video streaming service just like Hulu and Netflix where you will be able to watch all of WWE’s pay-per-view events and shows for thousands of hours of video on demand. You will be able to watch all the programs on any of your devices including TVs, phones, game consoles, tablets, and even PCs.

How Can you Get the WWE Network for free?

If you want to access WWE content, you just need to do it, simply create a free WWE network account. You won’t have to type any of your credit card or debit card information. Once you are done signing up, you can immediately start streaming the free content on any of the supported devices.


WWE Network free trial button

Once you have signed up successfully, just go to the WWE Network official website or you can simply download the app from the app store. WWE Network app is available for both – Android as well as IOS devices. Also, the app is quite easy to use.

What all are available to watch on WWE Free Trial?

WWE fans can stream all the recent episodes of the network’s main TV shows which are Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown, and NXT. You can find other shows in the app to stream for free as well including documentaries like The Monday Night War and even shows which include Table for 3, Ride Along, Photo Shoot, and Story Time.

There are WWE pay-per-view events also which are available to stream with few previous NXT Take Over events. You can even stream WWE Timeline. Their free tier has their own original shows which include Raw Talk – A talk show which is available for streaming each Monday night after the completion of Monday Night Raw.

WWE Main Events

You will even be able to find a new video podcast where you can watch Uncool with Alexa Bliss. In this, the WWE wrestler talks with other WWE stars as well as some other celebrities related to their awkward high school and college years with few other topics.

The best part about it is that WWE free trial is also totally ad-free. You don’t need to deal with the annoying ads while you watch your favorite shows and events.

How to Signup For WWE Network 7 Days Free Trial?

Previously, WWE Network used to offer a free trial for around 7 days to enjoy the full service. The special offer of a free trial of the WWE Network where the fans were able to just sign up and watch a pay-per-view for absolutely free has now been terminated after the arrival of the free version of the WWE Network. So, because of that, WWE Network won’t be allowing anyone to watch the live and monthly pay per views events.


Free trial sign up

So, it is not possible for anyone to just sign up anymore and then cancel their subscription before they get the bill. There are some shows which are not a part of the free version that will have a lock on them. So, those who want to watch it, they will be asked to upgrade to a paid subscription to watch those locked content. When WWE Network offered a free trial month of the service mainly during the time of WrestleMania, all the people went crazy over it. All the people signed up using a different email id to take advantage of the offer.

Unfortunately, the free trial period for the full version of the WWE network is not available anymore as it has been discontinued. So, if you are planning to get the full experience of WWE Network then you will need to sign up for the WWE Network for around $9.99 a month.

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WWE Network has a lot of great collections to stream online. If you are a big fan of WWE WrestleMania then you should surely download the app and start watching it from today itself. The best part is, you will be able to access all of the past as well as the current WWE pay-per-view events too. There won’t be any disturbances or annoying ads to deal with.

To start with the WWE Network free version, just simply download the WWE app on any of your devices which includes a mobile phone, a smart TV, gaming console, tablet, or a PC. Once you are done downloading the app, just register or simply log in and start streaming without any stoppage.