STARZ is a fantastic streaming service available online. They have deep roots in the television entertainment business. The cable broadcasting service now has its online platform. It is a great way to unwind after a stressful day. There is a massive collection of originals, hit movies, and many popular TV dramas. The American brand is an excellent alternative to their regular cable TV plans. 2021 is the year of switching to on-demand content. Millions of people are signing up for streaming sites. Today we take a look at the STARZ free trial. We will uncover all the necessary details about this platform.

Starz Free Trial

Does STARZ have a Free Trial?

The STARZ streaming platform is not offering any free trial options right now. Their subscription plan is quite affordable. 

Many people are trying to catch in one a sweet deal. The massive library of content is available only in the USA. You can also watch live TV using this site. The online presence helps you get affordable TV at home. It is a complete package, so there is nothing to worry about here. Through this guide, we will also help you to get more reliability about the service. Our experts put the service to numerous tests. You’ll be glad to know it is a top priority for many Americans. 

Sign up for STARZ Free Trial (Step By Step Guide)

Let’s see how we can get the STARZ free trial. They are currently offering an affordable onboarding plan with 7 days free trial. In this section, we will take a look at the steps. Here’s how you can sign up for a STARZ account.

Step 1: You have to visit the STARZ website on your computer or smartphone. Users can click here to check out their web page.

Starz Homepage

Step 2: On the home page, you will find the Sign-up now button. It is a great way to start on the same page. On clicking, users get a redirect to the signup page.

Starz sign up button

Step 3: You can now create a new account for the STARZ platform. It is a simple three-step process where you have to enter your credentials. Users have to enter their email addresses to start.

Enter your Email

Step 4: The second step is to add your payment information. The site currently supports credit cards and Paypal payments. Use these two methods to kickstart your entertainment experience. We recommend this to all of our readers.

Starz payment information

Step 5: The last step is to create a password for your account finally. Ensure that you choose a secure option with a unique combination.

Voila! Now you have access to the STARZ online streaming services. Watch any show or movie that you please at any given instant. I love the live options available on the platform.

STARZ Special Offer Pricing:

The special offer is currently giving you a great deal. The online service is changing the way pricing works. Their competitive nature is keeping other businesses on their toes. It is the most affordable streaming service currently.

Starz pricing plan

The online platform is offering $5/month subscriptions to everyone. Now, this is an irresistible deal that you shouldn’t miss. Customers can avail of the benefits of this special offer for three months. You must know the terms of use before making the purchase. 

Features of STARZ:

The STARZ streaming platform has a lot of unique and exciting features to offer. In this section, we dive deep into these to make the most out of streaming. Here are the great uses you can get from their services.

1. Original shows

Starz original shows

These days every streaming platform has something extra to offer. An original series brings a sense of value to the purchase. STARZ has a few tremendous original shows up their sleeve. One of the recent additions was the P-Valley show. Powerbook, outlander, and High town are also unique content options on the site. 

2. Movies

Starz movies

STARZ comes with a vast movie library. It is the perfect place for people who miss out on the box office thrillers. The options available will baffle your use. Some big-name movies like Venom are a common occurrence on the platform. You will also find recent releases like Bad Boys becoming available within a few weeks of release. There are many more classics and new movies on the way. 

3. Stream anywhere

STARZ is a flexible streaming service available on the internet. We recommend this option to all our readers. There are unique apps for your smartphones and tablets. You can install them to start streaming on the go. It will also work with smart TV setups at home. Many people use home theatre PCs as well. It supports a wide range of devices. 

4. Live TV

Starz live TV

The ability to stream live shows is exciting to have at your hands. All the STARZ and Plex channels are available on the platform. You can check out the schedule before the live streams. Now you can effortlessly watch all the famous shows and movies. You can see the program for an entire week. 

How to Activate a Device for STARZ?

People who are trying to use the platform on their smart TV have to activate the device. The AndroidTV tools and AppleTV options are plentiful. Users can start the process with this easy guide.

  • Visit the Google play store or Android App store on your smart TV device. Users with Roku or Amazon Fire Stick can visit their respective options. Download and install the STARZ application on your TV to begin the process.
  • Open up the STARZ application on your device. Visit the activation option, and you will receive a code on the first start.
    Activate your device for Starz
  • You have to activate the device from a computer device remotely. Enter the code that you see on your TV app. 

Amazing! Now you can start streaming on your TV effortlessly. Alternatively, users can also sign in using their STARZ account on the platform.

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STARZ is an excellent online service that helps you to get on with the entertainment. We hope this article gives you all the necessary information about their services. Now you can enjoy successful streaming and excellent content.