Sports is one of the most entertaining aspects of one’s life. When one comes home from work, or after playing or after tedious tuition, etc., one expects and would turn himself/herself to watch the sports of his/her interest. 

In such scenarios, we can watch whichever sport we wish to, by just streaming it online on the live streaming sites!

Best Sports Streaming Sites

In this article, we have hand-picked the best Sports streaming sites that you can use to stream your favorite sports live. Remember, some websites may be free, while others come with a premium subscription. 

So, let’s dig into our list below. 

10 Best Sports Streaming Websites to Check-in 2021

Here is the list of some of the sports streaming websites. Lets dive in.

1. Hotstar 

Hotstar is an Indian live streaming application and a site. It is owned and functioned by Star India, the Walt Disney Company’s subsidiary, India. It provides you with all the channels in association with the star network right from Star Sports 1 to Star Sports Select HD 1.


From India’s favorite and the most-watched sport – Cricket ( IPL, ODI, Tests, etc.) to the crazy football fanatics of the English Premier League, it streams it all online, giving us a viable platform to watch whatever and whenever we want.

 2. CBS sports

CBS Sports is the sports streaming platform of the American Sports Television network. It was formed in the United States of America in 1955 for the citizens of America to relish watching their favourite respective sports online. The CBS has mostly associated with the American brand of sports being- Southeastern Conference(SEC) football, The National Football League (NFL), PGA tour golf, including the Master’s Tournament and the PGA Championship, NCAA Division I College Basketball ( Including telecasts of the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament).

CBS Sports

It acts as a catalyst for the American citizens to compensate for their mundane day of work by coming, having a chilled beer in their hands, and being able to stream their liking of the sport online on the CBS network.

3. Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN again is a streaming site created to quench the American citizens’ sports thirst. This streaming platform provides the platform to stream and suffice the simulcasts of ESPN2, ESPN, ESPNews, ESPU, Longhorn Network, SEC Network, ACC Network, ESPN goal line ESPN DEPORTES and ESPN Buzzer Beat.

Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN  telecasts all the sports associated with these networks on its platform for the citizens of America. However, as famous as ESPN  in itself is, it is restricted only to the American brand of sports streaming being – NFL, PGA tour golf, etc. If someone wants to watch the likes of the English Premier League, he would have to switch the streaming platform. 

 4. Stream2watch


Stream2watch is another streaming platform. This is not restricted to any of the games. Here, you can watch any professional game in the world that you like right from Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, tennis, golf, Badminton, Combat Sports, Boxing, etc. can either select from the options there, the particular sport that you want to watch or you can select the respective sports channel where the particular sport is going to be telecasted, and you can start viewing it online with just a mere number of clicks. You can access it on any device, from a PC  to your mobile phone.

5. BossCast


Ready, Bosscast, go! This is Bosscast’s anthem and slogan to start streaming sports. It is that easy and efficient here. Along with streaming the sports you desire, it also depicts the rates going on in the betting world for the betters to make use of it. Right from Ice hockey, to baseball there is not one professional game you won’t be able to stream on in here. So, a better, as well as sports, engrossed enthusiast? Hop on the BossCast train for the most vivid experience in the world of sports ever!

6. Stream Woop

Not looking for any lags or delays and want to experience sports in real-time? Streamwoop is your go-to streaming website, then! It makes the streaming experience so efficient and smooth by taking off all the unnecessary lags, delays, and buffers and makes you get the perfect video quality of the respective sport that you are streaming.

Stream Woop

Again, you are not restricted to any sport here. As long as it’s professional and gets telecasted on television, even on a chosen day, you will be able to view it and stream it according to your convenience on this streaming platform. The real-time aspect of this streaming site makes it so desirable for viewers all around the world.

 7. Laola1

Laola1 is an Austrian sports streaming portal where along with the streaming of the live games, you also have the option to watch the highlights of the previous ones to stay in the loop of the sports world. It is the biggest sports portal in Austria, without a doubt, and is accessible through any device.Laola1

Accessibility is the main conundrum of streaming sites because you cannot always have your laptop or PC with you on travel. So, it is easily accessible on any device makes it crave-worthy to not just the Austrians but to people all around the world! You have the option of innumerable games through incessant site links to stream the sport of your choice.

 8. SonyLIV

Sony Liv is an Indian streaming site owned by Sony Pictures Network India Pvt Ltd.


Along with streaming all the entertainment acts of TV shows, serials, podcasts, etc., it is mainly used to stream sports online.  Accessible to any device, and with the feature of multiple screens, Sony Liv is one of the most popular and most used streaming sites in use. However, it covers the telecasting zones of Asia- Pacific, Middle East. So, for Asians, SonyLiv acts as a boon!


Want to watch your favorite sport online from any nook and corner of your city or while you are traveling? is the site you go to. Along with you being able to smoothly view any sport of your liking, you have the unique option of reducing the quality to the lowest so that you could be able to watch the match even though you are traveling and there is no cellular network. 


There is also the option for you to save the bookmark of the match highlights if in case you have missed the match and you want to see exactly how it went through. There is every professional sports streaming option right from basketball to baseball. It redirects you to another page where you could stream the match. There are innumerable links, so even if one does not work, you could always click on the next one!

 10. LiveScore

If you are crazy football fanatics, Livescore is the best streaming site for you all! It mainly focuses on the football world (soccer if you are in the parts of America). It gives you a schedule of which matches are to be played in the day, and thus. Accordingly, you can select whichever match you want to see.


You have the option of watching two matches together as well in different tabs. We, being a football fanatic, would recommend this site for every football fan out there!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is VPN necessary for streaming sports sites?

No, VPN as such is not necessary for streaming sports sites. Some may ask for it, but there are always alternatives for them.

How to watch Football live for free?

As mentioned, there are many streaming sites and apps for people to watch live, real-time football with zero buffer, lags, and delay. You just click on them, click on the match you desire to see, and boom, you are watching the match online, free of cost!

Which are the best sports streaming applications to download on mobile?

There are several good streaming applications on mobile that work; however, according to recent usage knowledge and reviews, Mobdro seems to have the edge over the rest of them.

Is it possible to watch sports online for free?

Yes, it is. Sports streaming apps and sites have made it possible.

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In conclusion, there are several sports streaming sites in this ever-growing global and competitive world. You just need to choose one catering to your needs. Be it accessibility, real-time aspect, no lags, no buffering, intricate betting scenarios along with watching the match, watching highlights of the missed match, etc., everything will be in the grasp of your sturdy palm. 

So, start your sports voyage by hopping onto any of these sports streaming sites to have the complete “sports fanatic” experience, folks!