Showtime is popularly known for its big hits and a large number of viewers. Being it ‘The affair’ or ‘Penny dreadful,’ there’s a lot of drama, horror, and as well as comedy, featured in all the series. The cost of showtime for a month is $11, but there’s a free 7-day trial provided at first, and it also gives access to premium shows along with the on-demand content.


Showtime Free Trial

Sign up for Showtime Free Trial [Direct Method]

  • You can download the app or can browse down to their official website, click on to ‘Signup’ option.
  • For the second Step create an account, click in and start filling necessary information required
  • After completion of creating your account, you can now sign up easily
  • You are then required to choose your respective plan from the given options and insert your payment information

Showtime is compatible across various devices, and it can be accessed easily. Moreover, one can easily cancel their subscription by just clicking on the ‘Cancel your Subscription.’ tab. Below given are four different platforms through which you can get free trials back to back

Other Ways to Get a Showtime Free Trial:

1. Amazon

Amazon is also a streaming service, and even one can get access through Amazon for showtime for free for fourteen days. One should have an Amazon prime account for this. But if you don’t have a Prime account, then even Amazon gives a 30-day trial.

Hence, there’s a lot of advantage while using amazon because one can even add multiple channels in the trial period, and also canceling the account is even more comfortable.

2. AT&T TV (DirecTV Now)

This is also on an internet tv streaming service, and even it has access to various premium accounts. Even DirecTV is a paid streaming service, but it also provides a seven-day free trial, through which one can get access to all the showtime shows for free!

There are a lot of sports channels and other local networks available in this service. The premium package will so give a free trial for Cinemax, HBO along Showtime.

3. FuboTV

Fubo will be the best cord-cutting option for all sports lovers and binge-watchers. Through Fubo TV, one can add various third parties networks such as FOX, NBC, and even Showtime for free. All these networks can be added for free, in the 7 day trial period itself. There’s a Spanish language option available on Fubo TV.

4. Hulu

Hulu is one of the most popular cord-cutting services, and it has a good collection of premium shows and movies. Even Hulu provides a thirty-day free trial to their users after signing up, and hence you can get access to showtime directly for free!

Through Hulu, one can add famous trials such as Disney plus and cinema, in the package itself. But the major disadvantage is one need to signup to Hulu, and it’s a bit difficult for Amazon to cancel the subscription.


To avoid any chances of being billed, it’s suggested to cancel the subscription before 24 hours of the renewal date. Canceling a subscription will never cost a penny to the user, and it’s safe. Also, it’s recommended to use a third-party service because, on showtime, they just display their contents, whereas, on another service, one can get different content of different channels for free!

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