Any student within this current generation uses the Netflix Student discount plan. Netflix is one of the largest and most popular streaming platforms available across the online marketplace. Sometimes, you may get quite stressed even during the college days. As a student, it is essential to take a break. Netflix has numerous features for its users and the best choice on the internet.

Netflix Student Discount

Make use of their site over the internet to get various entertainment options. This is another best place to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online. Some users might be on a tight budget, and it is quite expensive to utilize the premium subscription. Students can ration things by saving up money.

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Netflix Students Discount & Plans:

Just forget it, if you prefer to search & locate the free Netflix Students account to use. Netflix will offer four different plans or subscriptions to users. They are Premiums, Standard Plans, Basic Plans, and Mobile Plans. The premium subscription is not expensive and worth $192 per year. Students can utilize the Standard plan to watch or stream unlimited movies on two different screens simultaneously at $12.99.

Netflix Plans

The Basic plan will be around $8.99/month and students can watch unlimited movies by using the Mobile plan. Sometimes, it seems to be another best plan to utilize the services. Users can even watch unlimited movies simultaneously on four different screens. The Netflix student discount plan could be a total myth. Most of them will prefer to utilize the trial period to get free services for access.

Best Netflix Alternatives For Students:

Netflix is more popular because of showcasing the original content. It is also very difficult to identify an alternate solution for utilizing the service. Some TV series available on Netflix are unique and not possible to locate anywhere. Users also can’t find some epic Movies and TV shows that are available within the streaming list. The company should renew the license for each show to watch or stream.

Netflix Alternatives

It is not possible for students to get Netflix discounts so they can prefer to choose other alternative options to get discounts. They have the option to subscribe to other providers such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Student, and many more. Find below the list of Netflix alternatives for your reference:

1. HBO Now

Students can get a significant discount offer by subscribing to the HBO Now subscription. The normal pricing of this plan is $14.99/month and students can pay only half of its pricing. If you are subscribing to a $9.99/month plan, then there is no fixed contract or termination fee. Hence, students can get a $5 discount each month to utilize the service. They can cancel the plan at any time. This service will offer the best feature of a pay-on-the-go offering for its users. Students can utilize this offer only if they are eligible.


They must enroll in one or more classes within the Title IV degree institution to utilize this offer. Students must confirm their status to enjoy using this discount offer. They can use more free trial accounts by using different billing addresses and email addresses. However, it is not required to change a new device. After completing the free trial period, students must pay $9.99/month to stream or watch their favorite movies & TV shows. It will work perfectly on entire modern devices like tablets, Smart TVs, iPhone, Xbox, Apple TV, and Roku Sticks.

2. Hulu

Currently, the partnership of Spotify & Hulu will provide a new streaming package or plan for students. The streaming bundle package is named “Spotify for Students along with Hulu”. Students can utilize the premium service by subscribing to this plan at $4.99/month.

Hulu free trial

Students can access the Hulu Premium service if they have already subscribed to the Spotify Premium service. It will save money and allow them to enjoy accessing both services. Make use of one subscription to utilize both services with a discount price. Even students can choose other plans at affordable pricing for accessing the services. You can check out Hulu free trial now.

3. Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student will offer a free trial of six months for students. For the entire college students, they can utilize this special membership program. Users are allowed to cancel their subscription or plan at any time. They have entire access to unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows. Even students can access the music albums or tracks by using this special membership program.

Amazon prime student

Students can also utilize various other benefits apart from streaming videos and movies. For numerous items, they can enjoy utilizing the free two-day shipping benefits. Students can get discounts on the entire preorders of items, new games, and others. They can also utilize the free unlimited photo storage ability feature.

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So, if anybody wants to utilize the Netflix student discount in a better way and wants to know more about it, then the above discussion will always be helpful and supportive for sure.