HBO is an excellent TV network channel that is available all around the world. They have a plethora of movies and TV shows under their belt. Game of Thrones is one of the most hype shows of this generation.

HBO 30 day free trial

Their HBO max service allows users to stream content. It is the newest online service on the block. Users from the USA can try out this service. The big-name brand is currently offering a free trial to all viewers. 2021 is the year for online entertainment, and HBO is not going to fall behind. They are going to revolutionize content this year with HBO Max.

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Steps to Get an HBO Free Trial:

In this section, we will take a look at the steps to get a free trial. Users can follow along to watch amazing shows and movies. You will have hours of entertainment at your fingertips. The platform will be available for free once you sign up. The trial period is seven days. It is a small amount of time for you to explore your options. Follow these steps to start your free trial.

The first step is to visit their official streaming website. You can click here and it will take you to the home page. 

  • On the home page, you will find the start free trial option. You can click on this button to start the free trial. The free trial is available only for new customers.

start hobo free trial

  • Users have to start a new account to begin the free trial. You will have to never necessary details like your phone, email, and select a password. We recommend that you create a strong password for the best security.

create account on hbo

  • New account owners have to add their payment information. There is nothing to worry about as the payment info is safe with HBO servers. They will not charge you any extra amount. The payment information is necessary for the free trial. Once the problem is over, users will see the payment deduction from their card.

payment method on hob

Features of HBO Max:

The HBO service offers plenty of features to its customers. These are going to be beneficial for streamers. You can read up more about it here. We are going to dive deep into what the TV giant has to offer. HBO Max is a relatively new service with a lot to get right. Here are some of the interesting new features.

1. Huge Library

Huge library


HBO Max might be a new platform, but they have a working TV channel. Their entertainment business spans for decades. It is a great idea to expand their network online. The existing shows like Watchmen, Game of Thrones deserve an enthusiastic streaming platform. They also have permits for shows like Friends, Big bang theory, and much more. These have a vast audience, and many viewers will enjoy it at home.

2. Family-friendly

HBO family fun


Family-friendly content is necessary for users around the world. It is crucial to cater to a wide variety of audiences to be successful. HBO is a popular channel for television viewers. Their online counterpart is also aiming to be kid-friendly. They have many shows which are ideal for the family to enjoy. These days many people use smart TV to stream their favorite shows. It is safe to give children access to the service under parental supervision. 

3. Movies

HBO movies


The movie’s library is unique with new releases and classics. They have all the titles from Warner Bros and DC at hand. Viewers can stream content on demand. There are different genres available from comedy, romance, action, and lore. You can stream the infamous lord of the rings franchise using HBO Max. 

4. Originals

HBO originals


HBO Max is coming up with new originals throughout 2021. The platform is relatively new, and they are using Netflix’s philosophy. HBO is aiming to create a production house for their online entertainment. Viewers will find many new amazing shows coming to their screens. Joy is just one step away from this service. Doom Patrol is a new show that was recently announced for the platform. They are creating other new shows like Love Life, Looney Tunes, Legendary, The not too late show with Elmo and Search party. 

5. Stream anywhere

Stream Anytime Anywhere

The HBO Max platform is available on all devices. You can stream your favorite shows and movies anywhere. It brings a lot of convenience to the users. Users get recommendations based on their viewing habits. The service has android, iOS, and other apps available. You can get the best streaming experience with the HBO Max Smart TV app. 

HBO: Pricing

The HBO Max streaming service is currently available for a price of $14.99 per month. You can start streaming without any hassles at all. The free trial will give you seven days of free entertainment on the site. We recommend that you try the service out to take a break. The price is a little on the higher side of the spectrum. The content on HBO is all exclusive so that users will adjust accordingly.

HBO Max for existing Users:

HBO max for existing users.

People who already have an HBO subscription can enjoy HBO Max for free. There are multiple Live TV services that give you this benefit. The official site gives you a more detailed picture. Users can check the list of providers that support free HBO Max. We are also adding a link below for you to check out if you are eligible. It can help you save a lot of money on monthly subscription plans. It is important to note that this offer is only available for the US and its territories. It is very thoughtful for the broadcasters to give many people free access.  

How to watch HBO Max outside the USA?

It can be challenging to stream HBO Max outside of the USA. It is, however, not impossible. Users can enjoy streaming with the help of a VPN service. 

It will enable you to spoof the location to the USA. 

You are going to use this as a bypass for the location limitation. Users can also try out international credit cards for a free subscription. It is a sensible method to get access to their service. Alternatively, you can again ask people from the USA to share their accounts with you. 

We recommend Hola VPN as a free option for our readers. People who want a premium subscription can access Express VPN. It is the number one service provider in the world.

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The HBO streaming service is a must for die-hard fans. You can get a lot of content at affordable prices. Many users can enjoy the service for free as well. We hope this guide clears all of your queries regarding the HBO free trial. You can have a great time streaming countless hours of entertainment.