Are you looking for discounts on Grammarly? Search no more. Here in this article, we will be mentioning all the discount offers that are provided by this platform. Grammarly, as we all very well know, is an incredible platform for Grammar and Plagiarism Checking. In this article, we will mention all the pricing plans of Grammarly and what each plan has to offer.

To give you a basic overview. Grammarly offers three pricing options, viz. Free, Premium, and Business Plans.

  • With the free plan, Grammarly provides you with the basic suggestion for your writing.
  • With the Premium plan, Grammarly offers you corrections in your writing style, clarity, and many other advanced aspects, along with the basic suggestions you get. This plan starts from $11.66 per month.
  • With the Business plan,, Grammarly has professional and clear communication for a team ranging from 3 to 149 people. This plan starts from $12.50 per member every month.

Best Discounts That Grammarly Offers (Working)

Grammarly Discount

  • Grammarly offers volume discounts on their annual plans in case there are more than 10 members. You will see this discount applied automatically when you use the process of self-checkout. If you are planning to purchase a plan for over 149 members, then you have to contact the sales department for further details.
  • Grammarly also offers discounts for the educational institutes as they are pretty much eager to help the students and faculty in achieving better results.

Grammarly Discount & Coupon – Pricing, Plans

Grammarly Pricing Plans

1. Free Plan

In the free plan, users get basic suggestions about writing, which include punctuation, grammar, and spellings. You even get an idea about conciseness and also tone detection but only on the limited sites.

2. Premium Plan

The premium plan is great for those individuals who want the best from Grammarly. In this pricing plan, you get everything ranging from style and clarity corrections to other advanced fixes. Then plan lets you adjust the tone and also work on the formality level. With the premium plan, you also get inclusive language, word choice, fluency, clarity, and many other additional suggestions.

The premium plan also lets you promote engagement of your written content by compelling the vocabulary as well as by offering lively sentence variety. With the premium plan, your writing delivery improves too. This is because along with the Tone Detection, with the premium plan, you also get confident writing as well as politeness in your text. Along with these advanced corrections, you also get a plagiarism checker that scans through billions of web pages.

3. Business Plan

This plan is great for the teams whose size range from 3 to 149 members. In this plan, you get clear and professional communication. Along with all the features mentioned above in the premium plan, the Business plan offers an admin panel, style guide, priority email support, centralized billing. You also get SAML SSO but only for the accounts having more than 50 users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How would you differentiate between Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business?

Sometimes, people do think that Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business are the same things. However, they are not. Grammarly Premium is made to suit individuals who want to improve their texts by using advanced algorithms. Grammarly business, on the other hand, is used by businesses or professional teams for better and error-free professional writing.

How secure is this Grammarly?

Grammarly is a text editor where you paste your text, and it helps you to correct it. However, there might be some situations where you are editing some sensitive information. In that case, the security of the application is very important. With Grammarly, you get a combination of various technical, physical, and various advanced security algorithms to safeguard your text. Grammarly’s SOC 2(Type 1) report also helps Grammarly in strengthening its system with each passing day.

What are the payment options available with Grammarly?

Grammarly accepts all the major credit card types such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and other major payment methods such as PayPal. You can also ask Grammarly for a wire transfer or cheque if you are buying Grammarly Business for more than ten members.

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Hopefully, with this article, you will know all the discount offers that are provided by Grammarly and will also prove out to be helpful in saving your hard-earned money. For clarification of further doubts, you can always visit the contact page of Grammarly and get in touch with the support team that can help you with your queries and offers you a quote.