Final Fantasy XIV is known to be one of the best MMORPGs currently. Final Fantasy XIV has always had a free trial. But, the previous version only had let its players try the game for only two weeks and level their character up to 35. However, since August 2020 they have expanded the free trial. In the expanded version, they have removed the time restrictions as well as upping the level cap.

How to Get Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial?

You might be wondering how you can start the Final Fantasy XIV free trial. We have steps for PC and PS4 for downloading the game. Keep in mind that you will need a Square Enix account that wasn’t previously used for the free trial.

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial

You will get a chance to sign up during the install process, and we suggest you take advantage of it even if you already have a Square Enix account. If you start with an old account, it can cause problems.

For PC/Steam –

You will be able to find two versions of Final Fantasy XIV on PC. One is Steam and another is Square Enix. Both the versions offer a free trial, but they aren’t the same. As we have stated above, you are going to need a Square Enix account that you haven’t used before to get the free trial in both versions.

The differences are – When you sign up through Steam, it is a long process, while the other version which is the Square Enix version is a little more quickly. That is because you have to use Square Enix’s launcher for both versions, and Steam doesn’t always work with launchers.

Regardless of whichever version you choose, follow these steps below:

  • Click on Start your free trial of Steam, Square Enix

Final Fantasy Free Trial Button

  • You can register or log in to an existing account 
  • Start playing the game!

PS4 –

To set up the game on PS4 is quite simple. To get started, follow these steps below:

  • Firstly, open the PlayStation Store
  • After that, search for the Final Fantasy XIV game
    Final Fantasy XIV on PS4
  • From there, choose Final Fantasy XIV Online Free Trial
  • Then you need to download the game
    Register Final Fantasy XIV
  • Register or log in to an existing account
  • Start playing the game!

What all are included in the free trial?

The Final Fantasy XIV free trial allows you to take advantage of the game with little to no restrictions. The free trial includes everything from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward for absolutely free which includes the main quests for the base game and its first expansion.

You will be able to participate in 10 out of the 23 raids that are available. The trial includes all of Heavensward which includes 94 quests with A Realm Reborn with another 44 quests released once Heavensward launched. You will even have side quests as well as class and job quests. The class system in this game is what makes the game unique. It allows you to build your character in different ways.

The level cap in the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial:

  • The Final Fantasy XIV free trial has a level cap of about 60.
  • To level up, you have to select a class when you create a character at the beginning. 
  • Once you level up to 10 with any class, you will easily be able to switch to another class.
  • After you level up to 30 and complete the main quest, you will be able to evolve your class into a job.
  • With a level 60 cap, you will be able to explore different job quests that are available.

How long will the Final Fantasy XIV free trial work?

You will be able to play Final Fantasy XIV for as long as you want only if you are willing to deal with some of the restrictions. Square Enix won’t just close your account once you have completed the final level. Still, we will give you an estimate on how much playtime you are going to get in the free trial.

You may expect hundreds of hours of playtime out of the free trial of the game. The level cap is around 80 with the paid version, and the free trial will only let you play up to 60.

What are some of the restrictions in the free trial?

Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial is just amazing. But, it does have some limitations. The main restriction comes in partying and trading. People who are using the free trial won’t be able to add friends or create a party. However, they will be able to join a party which is created by a paying player.

System Requirement

On the other hand, trading is restricted as well. The players who are using the free trial won’t be able to trade at all and they won’t be able to use the Market Board as well. There are some other limitations too which are as follows:

  • You don’t get Moogle Delivery Service.
  • You won’t be able to hire Retrainers.
  • You cannot create Linkshells.
  • You cannot create or even join Free Companies.
  • You cannot create a party.
  • You do not have the access to the official forums.
  • There won’t be microtransactions.
  • There is only eight playable character limit.
  • Level 60 cap is the limit.
  • There is No yell or tell chat options.
  • There won’t be Market Board.
  • You cannot trade.

Do you need to pay for a subscription?

Final Fantasy XIV still charges a subscription fee. However, when you are using the free trial, the players won’t have to worry about the fees. You will need to pay the fees if you plan to upgrade.


The Entry tier is around $12.99 each month and it will come with the same character restrictions as the free trial. The Standard tier is around $14.99 each month. You will also be able to buy for six months of the Standard tier which will make it around $12.99 per month.

Is it possible for you to bring your character to the full version?

You may definitely want to bring your free trial character to the full version of Final Fantasy XIV whenever you plan to upgrade. Well, the good news is that you can do that. You will be able to transfer your character by simply logging in to your Square Enix account once you buy the game.

Full version of Final Fantasy XIV

The same can be done for the PC version. Once you buy it, just log in to Mog Station with your Square Enix account to transfer your character successfully. But, all these don’t work with the Steam version. If you have downloaded and used the free trial through Steam, you will only be able to transfer your character to the full Steam version.

You won’t be able to transfer it through Square Enix’s launcher. In a similar way, you will be able to transfer your PC free trial character to a full account on your PS4. However, you won’t be able to transfer that character to the Steam version of the game.

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Final Fantasy XIV has been expanding its free trial. Now, the players who play this game will be able to raise characters up to level 60, and also they will be able to play all story content as well as some of the expansions that have been launched in patches up to 3.56.

If you use the free trial for this game, it will have some limitations. But, with the premium subscription, there are no limits on what you can do. You will be able to join free companies, form up parties, and many more things.