ESPN Plus is a new addition to the sports streaming lineup. The media house is one of the biggest sports networks around the world. Millions of people tune in every day to watch their favorite players. It is currently available across a few regions. You can completely change the way you stream sports. The world of sports is getting back on track. Football is already on the way, and many others are following their tracks.

ESPN Plus is going to be your savior for constant entertainment. Sports fans around the world can rejoice with an affordable streaming platform. In this article, we will uncover the free trial sign-up for ESPN.

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Does ESPN Plus Offer a Free Trial?

The answer to this question is straightforward. It’s NO! ESPN Plus is no longer offering its new users a free trial. People can sign up with their affordable subscription plan. Unfortunately, this means you cannot enjoy your favorite sports for free. The good news is that the service is not going to hamper your finances.

If you are a sports fan, then their subscription is worth it for you. It is the largest platform to Livestream your favorite stars. We recommend that you try it out regardless of the removal of the free trial program. 

Steps to Sign up for ESPN Plus:

The process to sign up for the ESPN Plus service is very easy. You can easily create a new account by following our guide. Here are the necessary steps to keep in mind. 

  • As a new user, you need to visit the ESPN Plus website. Click on the following link in your browser. It will take you to the homepage of the site. You have to click on the get ESPN Plus button now to start playing your favorite shows.
  • New users have to create an account before they can start streaming. The signup process is very straight forward. You have to enter a few minor details to start playing. Enter your name, email and create a password. Click on the signup button to proceed.
  • The next step in the lineup is to make your payment. Users have to enter sensitive credit card information here. The monthly and yearly plan is available at all times. ESPN uses a secure payment gateway to keep your data safe. They also support PayPal payments for users.
  • Once you confirm the payment, the world of streaming is open to you! ESPN has support for many major sports leagues and events. There are also case studies available on the platform. The archive of their content is enormous. The brand has been in business for decades now.

How long is the ESPN Plus free trial?

The free trial is currently not available for everyone. Earlier it was possible to reap the benefits of this fantastic service. Now you can no longer enjoy the service. In the beginning, they were giving out free 30 day trials. Later the number of days became seven for everyone. Now there is no such trial available. The owners, i.e. Disney, are bringing about new changes to the services.

Features of ESPN Plus:

There are a lot of advantages of using ESPN Plus at your disposal. The huge streaming network is the best in the business. It is the only official way for you to stream sports in a few countries. Here are the top features we enjoy the most. 

1. Exclusive content

ESPN Plus has the broadcasting rights for many sporting events. You get access to thousands of events ranging from MLB, Serie A, NHL, MLS, The FA Cup, boxing matches, cricket, and much more. It is also the home for college sporting events across the USA. You can watch football, basketball, and lacrosse. The platform also gives you access to Pay per view events. 

2. Original shows for viewers

ESPN Plus is not restricting its audience with sports. They are offering other forms of sports entertainment to their viewers. There are many original shows available on the platform. These are helpful for users who love to see the bigger picture. Enjoy the sneak peek into the life of many sports stars. The shows like Peyton’s Place, sneaker center, the boardroom, and many others are a great form of recreation. They are also offering documentaries to their subscribers. 

3. Enjoy Fantasy League

There are many fantasy league games available online. People use these to compete for global leaderboards. ESPN Plus has an exclusive show for all the Fantasy League enthusiasts. It gives you a closer look into the sporting industry. Understand the things that affect players outside the pitch. The fantasy show will help you increase the points tally. You also get expert analysis from sports pundit Matthew Berry. 

4. Premium articles

Writeups are making a comeback with ESPN Plus. The site is working on an in-depth sports analysis blog. Here, you can read up about your favourite teams and individual players. Many people avoid watching sports commentary shows. The articles give you a great description of what to expect. You can read on the go with the help of their website. It is the perfect way to stay up to date with sports news. 

5. Stream anywhere

ESPN Plus is available across all platforms. You can start streaming from any device in your house. The site gives you complete freedom to explore your options. Users can watch on their smart TVs, Smartphones and gaming consoles. It is one of the first streaming services available in Virtual Reality. The site also works with the Oculus go device. You can stream on up to three devices at the same time.

ESPN Plus: Pricing

The Pricing of ESPN Plus is very affordable. Disney wants to give its users a great streaming experience. They are also offering ESPN in a bundle with their other services. It is an economical way to get all the entertainment under one plan. Here is the pricing.

  • ESPN Plus subscription – $4.99 per month.
  • Cost of Bundle Subscription – $12.99 per month.

The bundle contains Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus. Overall it is a great purchase which makes sense. 

ESPN Plus: Availability

ESPN Plus services are currently available only in the USA. People outside of the region cannot access their features. The error screen will show up if you are accessing it from any other country.

How to access ESPN Plus anywhere?

If you want to subscribe to ESPN Plus from outside the US, then a VPN is necessary. You need to invest in a service like NordVPN. It will spoof your online location to the USA. Now you will be able to access their streaming service.


The ESPN Plus service is a must for all sports fans. In this guide, we cover all the questions related to the use. We hope you can enjoy a fantastic streaming platform through their website.