DAZN is a sports streaming service that is quite popular around the world. Their application helps watch any match. The premium sports service is offering free trials to users. 

Everyone is excited as the global sports leagues are coming to a restart. It is currently available only in a limited number of regions around the world. Sports fans are looking for an easy way to watch their favorite players. The site is a great way to watch Wrestling and MMA. Football is already back on the table. The UEFA Champions League is going to start soon enough. In this guide, we will show you how to watch sports using the DAZN Free trial.

Does DAZN offer a Free Trial?

Dazn Free Trial

DAZN is currently offering a free trial only in a few regions. The services are entirely new across the globe. The company is trying to expand in the American continent. You will find the free trial offer only in Canada currently. Users across the world have to watch out for any new submissions to knock on their doors. Unfortunately, we were online from the USA region. It means that the free trial is not available from where we are signing up. We hope our Canadian mates can enjoy a month of free sports. 

Sign up for DAZN: Steps

In this section, we take a look at the signup process for DAZN. Users can create a new account by following this guide. Here are the steps to create a new account. 

Step 1: You can visit the DAZN official site from your browser.

Dazn Homepage

Step 2: On the home page, you will find the option to create a new account. There are two plans available. You can click on the project which suits your viewing needs. Click on the signup button to start the process.
Click on the signup button

Step 3: Users will be taken to the credentials page. You have to enter your personal information. Add your email account and enter a password for easy login. It will keep you secure on the internet. The details are going to be useful for signing in later on.
Create Account

Step 4: The new customers have to enter their payment details. You can pay using Credit Cards, Paypal, or the DAZN Gift cards and promo codes. 

Step 5: The money deduction is going to be based on your use. 

Voila! Once the transaction goes through, you will have a DAZN account. Users can start streaming effortlessly across all platforms. It is a great way to consume sports entertainment. We recommend that you try it out today. 

Features of DAZN Sports Streaming Site:

The DAZN service has a lot of unique features. Today we are going to take a look at some of them. Here are the fascinating uses you can get out of DAZN.

1. HD streams

The DAZN platform gives you access to HD streams of all the latest fights. Now you don’t have to compromise on the quality of content. Users can start watching their favorite wrestlers knock it out in the rink. 1080P is a standard that DAZN aims to provide to all its viewers. These are great for people who want to watch the match on big screens.

2. Watch anywhere

The DAZN platform is available everywhere. Users can stream from any of their smart devices.  It is a simple download away from you. The app is available for Smart TVs, iOS, Android, and gaming consoles. You can watch the matches on the go with your smartphones.

3. Regional features

Many regional features are depending on your global presence. In Japan, the company has a tie-up with the leading network provider Docomo. DAZN Docomo is offering users access to multiple sports leagues. You can also enjoy different matches with the help of this feature. In the USA, DAZN is suggesting only wrestling matches.

4. Multiple languages

The DAZN platform supports many languages. They are offering streaming in local languages of their places of operation. The site can provide you with English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian.

Pricing of DAZN:

Dazn Pricing

The DAZN platform has variable pricing across the world. Today we will take a look at the USA cost of the subscription. They are offering two unique options to the users. As a new customer, you can sign up for their Annual or Monthly subscription. 

  • Annual – $99.99 
  • Monthly – $19.99 

As you can see, it is sensible to purchase the annual plan. You can get entertainment for the entire year at a lower cost. Users also save nearly 58% off their monthly price. The significant value is $8.5 per month.

Is DAZN available in your region?

DAZN is a relatively new platform for streaming sports events. The international brand is trying to make a name for themselves. They are expanding across the globe with a rapid stride. The company has its roots in the European region. 

Europe is the global hotspot for the world’s most popular sport, i.e., Football. The services came to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan in 2016. It saw releases in Canada, the USA, Spain, Italy, and Brazil in the following years. Users from only these regions can access their services. They have licenses for many major sporting events. 

It is one of the biggest live sport streaming platforms on the internet. Many people want to join the hype train. 

How to watch DAZN anywhere?

Many people want to access the DAZN service. Their services are currently only available in 9 countries. People from other regions can also sign up for live streaming with a simple trick. A VPN service can help you out in this regard. There are many paid options available on the internet. A few free-to-use platforms can also be helpful for users. We are using the Windscribe service to use their streaming services. Users can again try the HOLA extension for browsers.

A long-term investment can be NordVPN services.

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DAZN services are quite beneficial to users who love sports. In this guide, we cover all the necessary information about the platform. We recommend our readers sign up for great entertainment.