Still, figuring out how to claim the Crunchyroll free trial? Well, we have got your back. Now you can use Crunchyroll to binge-watch your favorite anime anywhere anytime FOR FREE! Crunchyroll is a fine anime streaming platform used by thousands of users across the globe. Be it animated Japanese shows or manga and Asian dramas, Crunchyroll brings something for everyone and has something for even those users who are not a fan of anime shows.

Crunchyroll 14-day Free Trial

Wondering about how to claim the Crunchyroll free trial? Well, you don’t need to worry about that since we are here to help you out with this. This post will lead you through all the steps to claim your Crunchyroll free trial without any difficulties. So if you are ready to get your free Crunchyroll trial, then grab yourself a bucket of popcorn and a nice cozy couch to binge-watch all your favorite anime.

Steps to Take Crunchyroll 14-day Free Trial

We have spelled out each step particularly to make sure that claiming the free trial of the Crunchyroll plan is as easy as possible for you. All you need to do is follow the easy step-by-step guide on how to claim a Crunchyroll 14-day free trial.

  • Open the official website of Crunchyroll.
    Visit crunchyroll
  • Once the Crunchyroll homepage loads up, you will need to open the page consisting of all the details of their subscription plans along with their prices. You then need to select any of the plans above the Free plan whose free trial you wish to start and then tap on the “Start 14-Days Free Trial” option.
  • Next up, you need to Create your free Crunchyroll account. After creating your account, you will have to enter the details of the payment.

Crunchyroll payment option

  • After selecting your payment option, you will be automatically redirected to their payment page to enter your necessary payment details including your name, billing address, etc. When it comes to payment options, the platform gives you an option to choose from two options for completing the payment, PayPal and Credit card. Select any one of these as per your preference.
  • After you have entered your payment details, click the ‘Start Free Trial’ button down on the screen to begin your free trial.
  • Now you can freely use your free trial for the chosen Crunchyroll pack without any kind of limitations, and you need not worry about the amount being debited for 14 days. But remember that you need to cancel your subscription before the due date.

Note that each subscription plan other than the free plan comes with a 14-day free trial which allows you to select anyone from the list as per your preferences. We would recommend you select a monthly plan which will cost you $7.99 per month because your sole purpose here is to obtain a free trial for Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll Pricing Plans:

Crunchyroll Pricing Plans

As mentioned before, most of the shows and movies available on Crunchyroll are accessible for free to users. However, if you are a true anime lover and are looking for some added perks, then the streaming platform does offer three paid plans to choose from, each having different features and benefits. Here are some of the differences and to help you to figure out which plan suits you best.

1. Free Membership

This plan is ideal for occasional watchers and beginners, who prefer watching anime just for leisure or during free time. Since a majority of the content on Crunchyroll is free to watch, this free membership is generally the most preferred option to go for. The free content you get to watch using the free plan is always in 480p or standard definition.

Since this is a free subscription plan, it supports ads, meaning you will have ads popping in between watching an anime show as well as reading manga. Another thing is that since the fresh episodes of the shows you wish to watch are not immediately available for the free plan users, you will need to have some patience if you desire to watch them.

2. Fan ($7.99 per month)

The Fan Plan offered by Crunchyroll is the most ideal subscription plan for viewers who are ‘Anime fanatics’ and prefer having ad-free streaming experiences. Yes! This is the lowest subscription plan that removes all ads from your videos, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience. Furthermore, you also get instant access to the entire collection of anime shows, dramas, and manga that they have in store for you!

This also includes broadcasts, which they call ‘Simulcasts’ and ‘simulpubs’, which will allow you to watch and read fresh content instantly when it gets released on the platform. The video quality and viewing experience are also upgraded from what you get in the free plan, with options of watching videos in 720p & 1080p HD modes along with standard and 480p options. But please do keep in mind that, you are bound to only 1 concurrent stream simultaneously with your account.

The Fan subscription plan is priced at $7.99 per month, including a 14-day free trial.

3. Mega Fan ($9.99 per month)

The Mega Fan subscription plan comes with all the features and options that you will get with the lower plans, including all of the Fan plan features. In simple words, the Mega Fan plan is an upgrade to the Fan plan, as you get an increased number of simultaneous streams per account. You get 1 to 4 streams in a single account which the Fan subscription plan lacked. More essentially, you further get the additional advantage of offline viewing, which means you can download your favorite anime videos and view them whenever you want without turning on your internet connection.

The Crunchyroll Mega Fan subscription plan is priced at $9.99 per month, including a 14-day free trial. Also, you can avail a discount of $15 on any one-time buy of $100 in the Crunchyroll Store.

4. Ultimate Fan ($14.99 per month)

As obvious it is, the higher you move up the subscription table, the more you get out of it! The Ultimate Fan package brings you every single feature present in the lower two plans. As an upgrade over the Mega Fan plan, you get to access up to 6 simultaneous streams per account in this plan. An additional out of the box perk with the plan is that you will also receive a special goodie bag and a limited-series exclusive Hime Nendoroid figure on a yearly basis.

On the pricing front, if you make any one-time purchase of $100, from the Crunchyroll Store, every 3 months you get a flat discount of $25. Also as an added privilege to all Ultimate Fan subscription users in 2020, you will get the first premium access to the special Crunchyroll events.

The Ultimate Fan subscription plan is priced at $14.99 per month and offers a free 14-day free trial period.

5. VRV subscription ($9.99 per month)

If you love all the goofy stuff and along with the traditional Japanese Anime content, you would be really interested in the VRV subscription plan. This streaming facility unites a variety of anime shows, gaming, as well as cartoon channels. If you purchase the premium VRV subscription, you will get the exact same benefits every Crunchyroll Fan package will bring you, but with no drawbacks. You will also be granted special access to Mondo Media, Cartoon Hangover, HIDIVE, plus many more for just $9.99 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I remove my credit card information?

Make sure you are logged in to your account. Then go to the Settings menu. Confirm the card you wish to disconnect from the Current Billing Method list. Then from the Payment Methods page, tap Delete on that particular payment method.

I canceled, why am I still being billed?

This means that it is possible that you unknowingly created more than one account.  Another reason may be you canceled your email subscription but not your video account or a previous billing failure got triggered due to the lack of funds before you canceled. If you are still facing issues, contact Customer Care and provide the following information:

  • Total amount charged
  • Date of the final transaction

If you are being billed from a credit card, then share the following information:

  • Your full name as shown on your credit card
  • Your credit card’s brand name (eg. MasterCard, Visa, etc.)
  • Last 4 digits of your credit card number
  • Your credit card’s expiry date
  • Your credit card’s Billing zip code

If your billing has been done through PayPal, then share the following information:

  • The primary email linked to your PayPal account
  • Paypal transaction ID supporting your transaction
Why can't I log in to my account?

You need to ensure that you are entering the correct username and email along with your correct password. If you are still facing issues, you can reset your password, using the Password Reset Form to create a new password, and then try again.


The reason you are getting this message is maybe that your device is connected to an unstable internet connection. To solve this issue, you need to make sure that your internet connection is steady and then retry after some time.

If the problem still persists even if you are connected to a stable WiFi connection, maybe your device is not able to decode that video. Check whether the problem persists with more than one video. Before uninstalling, you can clear all the cache, and then you can delete the app data. You can also try to unlink or deactivate devices from the account settings.

Why isn't the Crunchyroll video playing?

In case you are facing some kind of issue with a particular episode or a series, you have to check if your chosen show is not dubbed in some other language. With the help of the app’s season selector, you will get to know if you are watching the base series (with English Subtitles) or some other dubbed version.

If you are looking to watch an International Dub purposely and it is not running you will have to make sure that the dubbed language in the show matches your preferred language in your account settings. (For example, if you are attempting to watch an English dub, you need to make sure that your selected language English).


This would mean that the show you wish to watch at that moment is being uploaded on their server. You should also keep in mind that if you don’t have a premium subscription and you are being asked to upgrade to watch that video, it implies that the specific video is available only for Premium Members at that time.

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