Clubhouse app is a brand new social media app. They are trying to change the way we communicate with friends and family. People from around the world are downloading this new app. After the recent appearance by Elon Musk on the app, the popularity is skyrocketing. In this guide, we will be discussing everything in detail about this significant purchase.

Clubhouse app - audio chat

It is an entirely new form of networking that is exciting silicon valley. Users can hop in and out of conversations with different people. Users can grow their network and meet new people quickly through this platform.

About Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse is a new audio chat format that is becoming highly popular. Users can join random rooms with strangers and start conversing. You can also add your close friends to the account. It is perfect for the youth who wants to network and build connections. Users can enter different rooms on the platform and join in on any interesting topics. In 2021, people are still hesitant about getting out of their homes. It is during times like these that technology keeps us connected easily. You can raise your hand and start talking in any room.

ClubHouse: Can you Join it Right Now?


The Clubhouse app is currently running in the beta format. People can join in for an exclusive demo version of the app. It is limiting the number of downloads through the invite-only format. People who are existing users can utilize the platform to share their codes.


The clubhouse app is currently under review on the App store. iOS users are getting access to the exclusive beta version of the app. You can download it right now and utilize it for all your networking needs. Android users will also be able to download it quite soon. However, there is no news on the official release date of the application.

Clubhouse is Suitable for Businesses?

The Clubhouse has massive potential for becoming a business-centric application. Users can host over 5000+ people at the same time. You can expect to see immense benefits through this method. Businesses can utilize this for their engagements with a large audience.

Clubhouse for business

In these online seminars, you can discuss everything about your product or services. It is the perfect place for users to stream content effectively. The only drawback is that your sessions cannot be recorded like zoom. New and budding businesses, entrepreneurs, and Not for profits can benefit tremendously from this service.

How to join Clubhouse?

Join Clubhouse

The process to join the Clubhouse app is quite simple currently. Users need to have a unique invite link for easy access. You can go to the following link. It will ask you to download the app using the particular invite link. These can be shared by users who are already on the application. The exclusivity of the application makes it even more enjoyable. A lot of users are ready to hop onto the Clubhouse bandwagon already. The developers certainly have an exciting product on their hands.

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Features of Clubhouse App:

The Clubhouse app certainly gives you a feeling of privilege from home. It is a complete application that is currently limited to only a select group of individuals. These people can share the app within their networks.

  • The Clubhouse app comes with an easy-to-use interface. It is not messy, unlike your Instagram feed. There are few clubs that you can choose to be a part of on the app.
  • Users can hop into any room to listen to the conversations. The raise hand feature gives you a polite way to join any conversation online.
  • The app does not use video, and it helps eliminate the awkwardness of seeing random new people.
  • The audio quality is excellent on the application with crisp and clear sounds. It would help if you had a good internet connection to enjoy the experience.
  • You can join different clubs on the platform to increase your network. There is a club for every topic you want to discuss. Users can also create their clubs.

These are some of the fantastic features of the application.

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Overall the Clubhouse app is an incredible innovation in the field of communication. A lot of people already appreciate the features it brings to the table. It is an exciting form of talking to the masses. Network easily on the platform and become a voice of influence. Imagine your Twitter or Instagram feed being a podcast which you are running. The Clubhouse is the perfect match for users who love to talk a lot. The best part is the privacy which it brings to the table. We highly recommend you try out the exclusive version today.