Chegg is a new platform that enables youngsters to get solutions for their homework. It is an excellent assistant tool for everyone who is struggling with a class. We all want good grades, and Chegg study is the perfect platform for you to explore. Parents can give less time to their students. Everything is happening digitally these days. Many people are not able to get a tutor for every subject. It can be quite a time consuming as well as expensive.

Chegg study free trial

Chegg study gives you the perfect place to find solutions to every topic. It is not a homework service but instead helps you learn. In this guide, we will learn more about the service and their free trial.

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Does Chegg Have a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Chegg study currently does not have any free trial plan available for their readers. You can sign up for their service and cancel anytime. It doesn’t mean that you get to try the platform for free of cost. There is no money-back guarantee available either. The site has multiple awards and a PayPal verification available.

It is an authentic online service. You, however, cannot check out its perks before making a purchase. 

How to Get Chegg Study Accounts For Free?

The Chegg study of free trials is great for families who want to try its services. It is better to test a platform before investing in its features. In this section, we take a look at the steps to sign up for the free trial. Follow them to get good grades for free.

  • New users have to start by visiting the Chegg study website. You can click on the following link. It will take you to their home page. Here you can find the try Chegg study option. Click on the button to start the signup process for your free account.

Visit Chegg account

  • You can create a new account for the service. Users also have the option to sign in using Facebook, Apple, and Gmail. It brings a lot more convenience with social media sign-in options. It drastically reduces the time you will spend creating a new account. Alternatively, you can also enter your email address and create a new password. Click on the create account button to begin.

Create Chegg account

  • The Chegg study platform is currently offering two premium plans. The Study pack is full of many unique features. The regular version is available with fewer features. You can select the one which suits your needs and fits the budget. Click on the signup button to confirm your selection.

Chegg plans and pricing

  • The last step in the process is to add your payment information. The platform accepts Credit Cards and Paypal as valid modes of transaction. Add the right credentials and click on the Join Now button.
    Chegg Payment methods

Congratulations! Now you have the Chegg study service available at your leisure. You can get all the right answers with a single click.

Features of Chegg Study:

The Chegg platform comes with a lot of premium features for its users to try out. Let’s take a look at all the nitty-gritty details. In this section, we uncover what can be done using online services. Here are some of the best uses.

1. Textbook Solutions

The Chegg platform gives you all the textbook solutions. You can upload a question to get the correct answers. It is perfect for people who are facing trouble finding the right solution. They have a vast database of books available for every subject. The number ranges somewhere around 9000 to 10000. They are always adding new data to their list. You can rely on the platform to get the correct answers to your homework questions.

Chegg textbook solutions

You can also customize the books from which you want to receive the solution. It is beneficial for students who have strict teachers. Students also get step-by-step explanations of each answer. 

2. Experts on demand

Students can request an expert to help them out on demand. It is a great feature for students who are facing trouble understanding concepts. They have a library of over 27 million homework explanations by experts from around the world. It is perfect for people who love to learn with passion. The human touch of illustrations also plays a massive role in easy understanding. You can also post questions on the platform. Any expert can answer these questions within 30 minutes.

Ask an expert anytime on Chegg

It is an exciting addition to their expert lineup. You can rely on the outputs because they are efficient teachers. You can also request an explanation for further clarification. 

3. Practice your learning

Chegg’s study wants all of its students to succeed in using their platform. They are offering personal quizzes to all the students. It makes the process of learning challenging and exciting. You can test your understanding of any subject through this feature. It is perfect for students who have exams coming up. These are very beneficial to revise your weak points. You also get to learn about the examination questionnaire structure.

Practice your learning on Chegg

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect is the motto here. These papers get instant results and grades. You can start working on the topics you lack knowledge of. 

4. Video guides

We all have spent hours on Youtube listening to a random Indian guy before exams. You can indeed learn concepts for free as well. Chegg’s study offers excellent video guides to all of its subscribers. Students can now brush up on important topics by spending some time online.

Chegg video guides

It is perfect for people who are studying the issues by themselves. Many subject experts have unique videos available for the students using the platform. 

5. Tools for better grades

Chegg also comes with unique tools that help out everyone. Most of us have an inherent fear of maths as a subject. Well, Chegg is here to solve this problem. They have a unique math solver tool, which is perfect for solving any equation. You can learn the process of solving similar problems with this tool. It gives you all the steps and sub-steps necessary to solve the tough equations.

Chegg tools for better grades

You also get a writer tool to help with your essays and assignments. The tool checks your grammar, spelling, and plagiarism in the writeups. 

Chegg: Pricing

The pricing of the Chegg study is quite attractive. Their premium features are lucrative for every student. Here is the cost you will incur while using their services. 

  • Chegg study pack – $19.99/mo
  • Chegg regular – $14.99/mo

The regular option lacks a few features. It is better to invest in the bundle to improve your grades substantially.

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Chegg study free trial is non-existent, but we discover a lot through this article. There are a lot of unique features for you to check out. We recommend that you try out their service and improve your scores.