Audible is another amazing method for listening to your favorite books using monthly or annual membership options. It is mind-blowing to transform the audio-books with the concept of reading methods. You need to register for an Audible and access numerous books to choose the best one from it. Users can also able to listen to their favorite novels as well. It is definitely cool that you can also share your reading experience with your family members, relatives, or friends.

Users are allowed to download the entire Audible products and save the same to their Audible Library. Whenever you require, you can re-download or listen to it from anywhere & anytime. Audible products are always available in both offline & online mode for listening to books. It is also possible to read the books even under Flight mode or exchange books to other devices.

Audible Student Discount – Plans & Benefits

Find below the list of benefits you can avail from utilizing the Audible Student Discount plan for your reference:

  • In case if you didn’t like to audio-books then it is much easier to swap the books for free
  • Apart from the pricing, users will receive their choices of audio-books every month
  • Even after canceling the membership, the audio-books will never erase from your Audible library. You can access it at any time
  • Free unlimited listening access for users to numerous Audible audio-books. Without any hidden cost, users can download numerous books without any hassle
  • Members can utilize the daily book sales and deals regularly provided by the company. Users can get the audio-books for $2 or two books for one pricing
  • Students will get every month one credit to choose their favorite book available within the Audible library. Apart from that, they can also get free two originals Audible books
  • Students can save time by adjusting the available narration speed
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  • Users will receive every month with  3 titles that contain 2 Audible Originals and 1 Audio-book

Audible Student Discount – Activation Process

Students must read the below steps to follow the process for getting the $5 discount on the Audible membership plan:

  • You need to Click Here.
  • It is important for the students to create a UNiDAYS account to become a member. For university students, they can utilize this digital platform for access After signing up with the UNiDAYS official website, students must create a new account for audible
  • In case if you had already created a regular Audible account as a member then cancel the same. Before the account creation process, it is essential to cancel the existing non-student account
  • Now, access the Audible Student official webpage and tap the option “Verify your Student Status”
  • It will redirect to a new webpage to access the UNiDAYS Audible Student Discount plan
  • Press the option “Verify your Account”
  • It will redirect to the UNiDAYS Account login page
  • Just follow the log in procedure and utilize the unique code for verification from the UNiDAYS

Now as a student, you can successfully access your Audible account to utilize the Audile Student Discount plan. If you don’t like to utilize the Audible Student Discount plan then you can cancel it at any time.

Audible Student Discount – Cancellation Process

Users are allowed to cancel their Audible Students Discount plan at any time. They must follow the cancellation procedure only through the official website and not possible through the mobile app. Follow the below steps to cancel your Audible Student Discount plan:

  • Open up a web browser and access the Audible official website
  • Log in to your Audible Student Discount account
  • Press your name and navigate to the Account Details section
  • It will redirect to the membership details webpage
  • On the existing page, press the tab “Cancel Membership”
  • From the drop-down list, you need to choose your reason for deleting or canceling the Audible Student Discount plan
  • Choose the option “Other” and within the text box write down as UNiDAYS
  • Press the Submit icon

Now, your Audible Student Discount plan is successfully canceled.


Audio-books are another convenient medium for reading your favorite books. It is not essential to carry as an e-book reader or paperbacks in your bag. You can easily download the books to your electronic device and listen to them at a convenient time. Users will gain the classic read and the best part of this option to have a celebrity. Students can utilize the audible student discount to make it more economical. You can refer to the above article and make use of the best Audible Student Discount plans.